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Give Sales a Boost with GDPR-Compliant Business Email Marketing Lists of Accountants

Email is among the quickest ways to establish connection with accounting firms. 21% of sent emails are opened within an hour of being delivered. With higher conversion rates than Facebook and Twitter, email marketing is a mainstay for generating leads and sales. If you’re a UK business that offers products or services to accounting firms, email will serve you well as an outreach platform. Your job will become exceedingly easy with a GDPR-compliant email list of accountants.

Reach out to several accountancy firms

Accountants provide certain key services; some offer an expanded bouquet of services to clients. Standard services include bookkeeping, recording transactions, preparing financial statements, cash forecasting, communicating financial information to HMRC, minimising business taxes and handling payroll. Some of the value-added services accounting firms provide include assisting clients with business valuation, bank financing, strategic business planning, new business formation and succession planning.

You could cast a wide net to include accounting firms that offer the typical services, go beyond standard services, or provide niche services such as forensic accounting, international tax, mergers and acquisitions or estate/trust accounting. Our database of accountants is an excellent starting point for email marketing. Usually, more than one corporate email address is publicly available. With our database currently holding business details of over 5,000 accounting firms, that translates to more than 9,000 email addresses of accountants!

GDPR is not anti-business but rules must be followed

You may be concerned about unknowingly flouting GDPR rules while using a marketing list of accountants and accountancy firms. Our GDPR-compliant business email lists follow applicable regulation on B2B email. You can send email to named individuals at UK companies. Accounting firms receiving your email must be able to purchase the product/service being marketed in a professional capacity.

Naturally, you must provide your contact details in the email. In any case, it is unlikely for businesses to miss out their contact information. After all, the point of B2B email marketing is to elicit a response from potential clients. The struggle usually has to do with collecting as many qualified leads as the business might like. Our mailing list of accountants in the UK should easily solve this problem.

Grow your email list quickly

Creating email lists is a time-consuming and cumbersome process. It can slow down your email marketing efforts and prevent you from capitalising on opportunities. A ready, verified email list of accountants numbering in the thousands saves you time and drives marketing momentum. So, how soon can you scale up email marketing with us?

First of all, you’re assured what you paid for. You receive a mailing list of accountants after a few hours of payment. The list is delivered in a CSV format – just use your Excel application to open it and you’ll see the data in a neat, structured format. All emails sent are guaranteed to be deliverable. Your purchase also entitles you to a free bonus file of over 4,000 additional accounting firms in the UK.

Follow B2B email marketing best practices

We update our directory of accountants frequently to provide you accurate information. That said, a large email list of accountants is half the email marketing battle. Consider best practices to improve outcomes. As an example, informational content that tells accountancy firms how your product/service will help them achieve a certain result will allow them to make a decision as they read your email. Digital marketing experts recommend quantifying the results and adding client testimonials or including a link that takes recipients to a landing page with client reviews.

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The best Email List of Accountants in the USA can be found on the APC website. This database would allow you to target your emails and send them to the users in the USA with different needs for your services and products.

 UK List Accountants and Accountancy Services

What You Should Know About the Email List of Accountants and Accountancy Services


Accountants are financial experts who undertake functions such as financial statement analysis and audits. These professionals perform functions pertaining to the collection, recording, and analysis of the financial aspects of an organization. Besides this, they also have other administrative roles in an organization’s setup.

Accountants are either employed by an accounting firm, or they can be employees within a firm’s internal accounting department. A qualified accountant can also opt to set up an accountants and accountancy services practice. The following are three of the most significant roles that accountants play within an organization.

  1. Financial Data Management

A company’s accounting structure is essential to its general operation. It is the duty of an accountant to ensure that an organization’s financial data is collected and managed appropriately. These professionals similarly ensure that financial data is kept in compliance with the laid-down regulations. To achieve this, they also develop and maintain financial databases.

  1. Financial Analysis and Advice

Accountants and accountancy services firms also undertake financial analysis on behalf of clients. Such advice makes business decision making easier. Since accountants handle an organization’s intricate financial details, they also offer their expertise in decisions such as the type of supplies to order, and even the payment of bills. They equally offer advice related to expenditure and revenue trends, revenue expectations, and financial commitments to be made.

  1. Preparation of Financial Reports

This is one of the most notable duties of an accountant. Financial report preparation involves the compilation and analysis of monthly and yearly statements and accounts. Such reports come in handy when it comes to budgetary forecasts. Accountants and accountancy services firms in the email mailing list similarly ensure that reporting deadlines are met both internally and externally. They also play a crucial role in the coordination of audit processes through financial data preparation.


What are the Qualifications of an Accountant?

In as much as one doesn’t need to have a specific qualification for him/her to be an accountant, it is mandatory to possess at least one of the recognised qualifications. These are AAT, ACCA, and CIMA. Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the basic qualification for aspiring accountants.

Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) qualifications are recognisable across the world. Those who possess this qualification can undertake complex roles such as risk evaluation and advanced taxation analysis. Certified Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a qualification that must be attained by those who want to venture into management accountancy.